The construction industry in Germany is booming. In the record year 2019, the construction industry implemented 135 billion euros – more than ever before. Around 857,000 people work in construction and skilled workers are desperately needed. “Helden der Baustelle” shows the fascinating everyday life of men and women in construction. We accompany a tunneling engineer who works with the world’s largest tunnel boring machine which is in use for Stuttgart 21. We are out and about with crane specialists, who are at dizzying heights, only on one rope secured, dismantle a crane and we are up close in the process of building the metal facade of the highest residential tower in Frankfurt, all during a wind force of 6. The “Helden der Baustelle” take us into their daily work and show us why a telescopic crane driver has to work as precisely as a surgeon, why fatal accidents can occur if crane bolts are not used correctly fixed and what consequences it can have if heavy rain puts a construction pit under water. “Helden der Baustelle “- exciting, gripping and up close Germany’s construction sites!

YEAR: 2015 / 2019 / 2020 /

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