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In a world that is filled with innumerable media posibilities, we achieve perfect usability for our customers by finding tailor-made solutions for each unique requirement. Schwarzbild stands for taking new paths courageously and consistently using creativity for the success of our customers. We are a tight-knit team of passionate storytellers who, thanks to outstanding cross-media skills translate stories and brands in a unique, powerful and innovative way.

Ultimately, the focus is on people in everything we do. Our top priority is a trusting, open, uncomplicated and honest cooperation with our customers, partners and employees. We bring all competencies together to our customers and community to give your ideas a big appearance both externally and internally.


images say more than a thousand words


this is schwarzbild

New Media


External media presence is more important than ever and moving images is the most emotional medium for communicating values and brand messages. We are happy to see you on our website, because content is our great passion. We love telling stories and producing films, developing apps, creating social media content, live streaming, hosting hybrid events or building showrooms. What is right for you? Let’s find out. We are happy to use our know-how from many productions for TV broadcasters and international corporate customers for you and offer everything from one source, advice to strategy development to implementation.


Our great team stands for strong & creative storytelling, advanced technology, national & international production experience, as well as transparent and efficient implementation. Over the past ten years we have gradually expanded our customer base and are a reliable partner alongside well-known TV broadcasters and editorial offices. We simply enjoy to rack our brains for new ideas, bravely tread new paths and thus repeatedly set new impulses and convince. Two things are always the focus: the client and a good story.

The wide range of projects ranges from classic TV to the establishment of new formats for streaming services. We are film nerds, technology freaks and language acrobats. Our team of creative authors, powerful camera teams, high-class editors and graphic designers are always at the state of the art. This is how we turn moving pictures into pictures, that move.


Moving images are one of the most important communication tools for presentation and positioning of companies. A film unites and communicates messages, emotions, the brand and the image of our customers. We deliver full service from first ideas to finished film. Regardless of whether it is an image film, product film or corporate content. We are used to capture and meet the high demands of our customers, but see ourselves not only as a service provider, but also as a competent consultant outside of the box.

The term film production is a broad (playing) field, for us. We love classic linear film and are passionate about social media. We have a penchant for augmented and virtual reality productions, we really enjoy developing Apps and became incredibly eager in the creation of showrooms and in providing the media support for grand firm events. We advise, design and produce, convert complex topics into understandable messages. The focus is always on one thing – the story. You can find specific projects here


There is the “silent client” – the customer – who will send us on a “Mission” primarily specifies the goal. It is up to us to find the right way.

When it starts, we bring a powerful team of Experts together who combine their skills to find the best solution and to guarantee success. We go with it and take courageously unconventional and innovative ways.

When it starts, we bring a powerful team of Experts together who combine their skills to find the best solution and to guarantee success. We go with it and take courageously unconventional and innovative ways.

We have the right tools and an ingenious plan to solve the problem, to implement the task optimally and even to do the “impossible”

We give full throttle as long as it is necessary for the project, but at the end we leave the stage silently.


  • Powerful
  • Confident
  • Charming
  • Visionary
  • Courageous in action
  • Clear and unambiguous
  • Loyal („loyal soul“)
  • Honest
  • Arguable
  • Proud

Our values


We face all people, i.e. Employees, customers and partners as well as the projects, topics and brands with the highest respect and deep understanding for their respective needs and concerns. In addition, everyone also takes care of themselves.

In this way, enthusiasm, passion and performance can be maintained without harming yourself.


We create absolute clarity and unambiguity in thinking, speaking and acting. This ideally shapes the behavior of each individual both internally and externally, but also the appearance as a group.

This makes the different topics and goals tangible and understandable for everyone involved. Decisions made are bindingly implemented and the chosen path is consistently pursued.


We always act to the best of knowledge and belief and are a highly reliable and credible partner for everyone who never keep things secret and never promise anything that we know we cannot keep.

We create maximum transparency in all areas of cooperation, but at the same time demand this from the other person – as a basis for trusting cooperation.


We show absolute in all decisions and actions
Open-mindedness and openness towards different people, ideas, content-related topics, technologies and (market) opportunities.

We always leave the safe but often trodden paths and try out new things without reservation.

the Team

We are schwarzbild

We are a committed team passionate storyteller who, thanks to outstanding cross-media skills deploy stories and brands of our customers in an even more unique and more beautiful way than they could ever have imagined.

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