External media presence is more important than ever and moving images is the most emotional medium for communicating values and brand messages. We are happy to see you on our website, because content is our great passion. We love telling stories and producing films, developing apps, creating social media content, live streaming, hosting hybrid events or building showrooms. What is right for you? Let’s find out. We are happy to use our know-how from many productions for TV broadcasters and international corporate customers for you and offer everything from one source, advice to strategy development to implementation.

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Augmented Reality

describes the overlaying of reality with digital content. This fusion creates a new ‘narrative layer’ in which the user can interact in real-time. A super tool to enhance static exhibits , e.g. at trade fairs. We are happy to advise, produce 3D content and develop appropriate app or web application.


Storytelling Immersive. We bring people to places where they normally can’t be. We produce virtual worlds, shoot 360° real or animated, for trade fair booths and events, for educational and training purposes or for your own social media community.


We develop and design narrative and digital exhibitions, trade fair stands and showrooms – from the idea to the commissioning.

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