For the documentary “Germany – Your Football Soul” soccer enthusiast Wigald Boning meets a wide variety of people across Germany, whose own stories are far beyond from commerce and megatransfers but in a wide manner linked with soccer.

These include the 91-year-old coach Rudi Gutendorf, the refugee team TuS Koblenz International, who meets Wigald Boning for training on the lawn, ex-national goalkeeper Eike Immel, who overcame a life crisis with the help of his home club, or the father-son team Mirco and Jason traveling from game to game to find a favorite club for the son.

Wigald Boning: “I can not say at what time the flame of passion for football began to blaze up in me, but already at the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, I owned a full Panini scrapbook. At this young age, I dreamed of scoring the deciding goals in finals, preferably just before the end, to be carried on the shoulders of my fellow sports team members. Opinions, attitudes, yes, religious beliefs may have changed over the years, but the fire of football passion flickered incessantly – and I’m not the only one who burns. Time to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. “

1 special broadcast (45 minutes)
Station: The History Channel Germany
First air date: May 2018

YEAR: 2020
TYPE: Documentary

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