Full Pull

These tractors are not meant for outdoor work. These monster tractors hardly can even be called tractors. These up to 4,500 kilo heavy monsters might be driven by several old 12-cylinder aircraft engines or helicopter turbines that deliver up to 8,000 hp to the man-sized rear tires! The competitive goal sounds simple enough but is a real engineering feat: drag an up to 24-ton sled across 100 meters. The tractors burn up to 80 litres of methanol or kerosene on this short route and roar and even spit fire. Tractor pulling not only is a real spectacle but also one of the most high-powered and severe motor sports on wheels. In the reality show “Full Pull”, Schwarzbild accompanies three teams and their self-made monster tractors through their season.

8x 45 minutes

YEAR: 2015 /
TAGS: DMAX Dokusoap

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