Every move of the extreme lumberjacks in the Alps must be perfectly executed. Everything is at stake … nothing more and nothing less. Mistakes could be life-threatening. For each individual or entire companies. Because in the fight for contracts reliability is obligatory – despite unpredictable weather, extreme workplaces and incalculable risk.

Whether a lone fighter in Austria, a family business in Germany, or specialists in Switzerland. All must prove their abilities and further develop themselves on a daily basis in order to survive. Because there are many who want to earn their money with Alpine wood.

But they enjoy doing it – because this job is more of a vocation than an occupation. They all love their outdoor workplace. No matter how difficult the terrain, they clear storm damage, secure roads and residential areas and bring massive timber loads over ravines by helicopters and wire rope hoists into the valley. Heavy machinery in steep terrain, centimetre-precision work on power cables and pottering about with chainsaws in every imaginable situation. A risky, back-breaking job with great responsibility.

Season 1 (6 x 45 minutes)
Station: Discovery Communications Germany/ DMAX
First air date: June 2017

YEAR: 2020
TYPE: Documentary

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